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Bethune Council Promotions (BCP) is a service where Bethune's Promotions and Advertising team offers services for student clubs to promote their activities and events as best as possible. This service is open to all clubs ratified with SCLD or YFS. Membership occurs on a yearly basis.


Enrolling in the program offers exclusive promotional benefits including:

- Designing and producing Instagram posts/stories/templates

- Production requests (such as photo taking at events etc etc)

- Advertising space within our newsletter, story posts, and website

- Postering across Bethune college

- Story posts pinned to our Highlights (with over 2500 followers)

Renting of Equipment

Learn more about how to ratify your club with BCP


See a list of forms available to all BCP members!


This is where you'll see a list of all clubs currently registered with BCP.


This is where all your FAQs will be answered. Feel free to submit any questions you might have as well here.


BCP Ratification Process

In order to be eligible to receive the benefits of being ratified with BCP, you must be a YFS or SCLD ratified student club. This means you must have access to the following:

- Constitution

- Bylawys (If your club uses them)

- A list of your club execs

Please note that you will be required to go through a 15 min meeting with a member of the BCGB (Bethune Club Governance Body) before you officially are ratified with the BCP. Also note that ratification is not guaranteed, however if you are denied it, you will be provided with a valid reason and have the opportunity to appeal. To learn more about rules, check out the BCP Ratification Rules & Procedure document.

Link to the BCP Ratification Rules & Procedure Document: 

Link for ratification: 


BCP Forms

The following Google Forms are how you request our services. Whether it's something as simple as a story repost or help with creating an Instagram Post, these forms are the way to go. Please use the correct form according to your needed request.

BCP Creation & Advertisement Request Form: This form is used if you would like us to create content for y'all to use such as Instagram post or if you would like to advertise your events on our platform.


BCP Production Request Form: This form is used if you would like use to capture content at your events or if you would like editing of captured footage from your events. NOTE: This request is not available for those with BCP Basics!


BCP Catalogue




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