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Nomination Period

Monday, February 19th to Monday, February 26th @ 12:00pm

Campaign Period

Monday, February 26th (after All Candidates Meeting) to Sunday, March 3rd

Voting Period

Monday, March 4th to Friday, March 8th

Mandatory All Candidates Meeting

Monday, February 26th @ 6:00pm

All Candidates Debate

Wednesday, February 28th
@ 7:00pm



Farid Musavinejad

Farid Musavinejad - 185

Yashna Manek - 109

Abstain - 66

Reject all - 44

Executive Vice-President

Aman Patel

Aman Patel - 233

Abstain - 104

Reject all - 64

Vice-President Athletic(s)

Kyle Williamson and Sina Hamidi

Kyle Williamson and Sina Hamidi - 262

Abstain - 79

Reject all - 57

General Members

Rohit Tiwari


Kirti Vaswani

Harleen Dulay

Rohit Tiwari - 131

Nikita- 129

Kirti Vaswani - 103

Lloyd Musa (withdrew) - 95

Harleen Dulay - 93

Mobin Sharifizadeh - 82

Mehwish Saiyed - 79

Shon Lazarev - 74

Barnoor Kaur - 63

Chigozie Anthony Duru - 41

Abstain - 60

Reject all - 25

Commuter Representative(s)

Tina Sayadpour and Asmayt Tewolde

Tina Sayadpour and Asmayt Tewolde - 243

Abstain - 102

Reject all - 54

Outreach Director(s)

Claire Del Zotto and Taline Apelian-Sutor

Claire Del Zotto and Taline Apelian-Sutor - 191

Irtiqa Zafar - 55

Nudrat Saiyara - 29

Abstain - 85

Reject all - 43

Lassonde Representative

There will be a new election for the Lassonde Representative position


President Candidates

Yashna Manek

Hey everyone! My name is Yashna and I am running to be your next Bethune College Council President! I cherish all that Bethune has done for me since my first year at York and want to take on this position to give back to the community in the best way that I believe I can. The President’s role is primarily concerned with establishing proper representation and relationships within broader YorkU communities and the overarching management/operation of council and its resources, while keeping the best interests of the entire Bethune community in mind. I believe that based on my experience and involvement at York, I have the skills and motivation to properly execute this position’s responsibilities. Through my previous positions on council as a General Member and Vice President Social, as well as my current position as the Executive Vice President, I have seen first-hand and helped each committee of council operate. Therefore, I will be able to ensure that our council can continue to support YOU to the best of our ability, and implement any changes that need to be made to further achieve this goal. The Bethune community is like no other and I intend to make it even stronger this upcoming year.

IMG_7193 - Yashna Manek.jpg
IMG_20240226_110010_623 - Farid Musavinejad (Farside).jpg

Farid Musavinejad

​Hi folks my name is Farid Musavinejad. I am a 3rd year mechanical engineering student and I am running for BCC President to help further grow and fortify the community, you can see my goals in more in detail on my Instagram @farid4pres

Executive Vice-President Candidates

Aman Patel

IMG_0169 2 - Aman Patel.JPG

Hi everyone, most of you already know me but for those who don't my name is Aman Patel and I will be running for your 2024-2025 Executive Vice-President. I am currently a 5th-year Mechanical Engineering student. I would like to run for EVP because I believe with my prior leadership experiences, audit experience at Apotex Pharmaceuticals, and graphic design experience mixed with my involvement in Bethune as well as my experience on council, I feel I have developed a great understanding of council and how it runs as well as the community to help me in my role as EVP. I feel that all my experiences and dedication to my current role as Commuter Director prove why I am a great candidate for this position. The EVP's roles included being a signing authority for BCC accounts, planning and training all other positions on the council and planning a council-wide retreat, overseeing internal compositions and operations of the BCC and assisting other positions as necessary, overseeing the upkeep and management of our spaces, be responsible for the maintaining and up keeping of the mascot and schedule appearances, make an office hours schedule for all of council, plan BCC town hall meetings once per semester to inform the community of plans, progress and receive feedback and finally assist the VP finance in completing its annual audit and receive funding! I believe in all the tasks of an EVP I can accomplish and continue to go above and beyond to help make the next academic year an amazing one! I believe I can excel in this role and am prepared to take on the challenge in hopes that we as council can help you make many exciting and fun memories throughout the year! Thank You!

Vice-President Athletic(s) Candidates

Kyle Williamson and Sina Hamidi

Hello everyone, we hope to be your “new” Vice-Presidents’ of Bethune Athletics for the 2024-2025 school year, we have a lot planned and are excited to keep Bethune on top when it comes to recreational sports.

IMG_0267 - Kyle Williamson.jpeg

General Members Candidates

IMG_0537 - Spectre TG.jpeg

Chigozie Anthony Duru

Hey everyone! I'm Chigozie Anthony Duru, but you can just call me Anthony. I'm an 18-year-old Nigerian and currently in my first year of studying Digital Media. The position that I am interested and keen on is the general member position within the council; I want to be in this position as it allows me to dive into different parts, and contribute to the best of my abilities, while not being heavily focused on one area.

Mobin Sharifizadeh

What's up Dragons! My name is Mobin and I'm currently in my second year of neuroscience. I'm running for the position of General Member to help our college run as smoothly as possible and be able to connect with all of you! Some of my hobbies include urban photography, hitting the gym, and supporting ManCity🔵. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to plan fun events for all of us to enjoy!

IMG_20240219_144301_951 - Mobin Sharif.jpg
IMG_4276 - Lloyd Musa.jpeg

Lloyd Musa

I am eager to be a general member of the Bethune College Council, building upon my experience as the first-year representative. Serving as the inaugural representative has provided me with valuable insights into the dynamics of our college community, fostering a strong commitment to student welfare and engagement. As a general member, I aim to contribute further to the vibrant Bethune community, utilizing my previous role's experience to advocate for inclusive initiatives, effective communication, and collaborative events that enhance the overall college experience for every student.

Shon Lazarev

Hey guys! I’m Shon. I’m a third-year student in Biology at York, and I’m running to be a general member! I’m a fan of anime, and by that, I mean I only watched Dragon Ball Z and nothing else. I like basketball, and I played a bit in the basketball rec league in YorkU rec during my first year, and I play in a separate rec league now. I also like working out and video games, with my all-time favourite video game being call of duty black ops 3. I’ve been involved with Bethune college in an academic way, being class rep and peer tutor (currently as well). I’m also the president of the chess club at York, and we have hosted events using Bethune college spaces. I think Bethune college does cool things for their community, especially with the winter trips during reading week which I couldn’t attend but am looking forward to other Bethune events. I’m looking to get more involved, and I would be happy to have your guys’ vote!

83698B35-65AC-4840-891F-DEF87E27D87D - Shon Lazarev.png

Mehwish Saiyed

IMG_8291 - Mehwish Saiyed.JPG

I am thrilled to express my interest in continuing my involvement with the Bethune College Council as a General Member. Having previously served as the First-Year representative, I have gained valuable insights into the dynamics of the council and its integral role in fostering a vibrant and supportive college community. My experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of our diverse student body. The change you need, The voice you deserve. VOTE FOR MEHWISH. As a general member, I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm, leadership skills, and unique perspective to further enhance the college's environment. Make your time at university fun and memorable. VOTE FOR MEHWISH. I believe in the power of collaboration and communication to bring positive changes and create a sense of unity among students. Being a part of the Bethune College Council has been a fulfilling journey for me, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue contributing to the council's initiatives and the overall well-being of our college community. Your vote, your future. Invest in your future wisely. VOTE FOR MEHWISH.

Rohit Tiwari

Heyy, I am Rohit Tiwari , I am a bio major and I am technically in my second year. I have great communication and social skills.

IMG_20240226_114233 - Rohit Tiwari.jpg
nikita - NIKITA.jpg


Hi everyone! My name is Nikita and I am first year computer science student. I am thrilled to run the election to be a General Member. I am excited to take on this important role because I have a strong interest for community involvement and want to positively impact our experience as a community.I'm determined to be a passionate supporter of the goals and needs of our community.From organizing engaging social events to supporting our council's goals, I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and work relentlessly to strengthen our community. Let's go on this journey of growth, connection, and meaningful contribution.

Kirti Vaswani

Hi everyone, I’m Kirti. I’m a first year biomedical student. I love cooking and reading. I’m a great person to have on the team, so vote for me!!

IMG_7045 - Kirti Vaswani.jpeg
IMG_1165 - Harleen Dulay.jpeg

Harleen Dulay

Hi! My name is Harleen and I’m running for General Member for the 2024/25 school year! I hope that I would be able to work behind the scenes with the council to help plan all the lovely events they bring to you and make your experience at York so much more than what you bargained for! In my free time, you would find me in Bethune somewhere, crocheting, watching Netflix or hanging out with friends! Feel free to contact me at any time!

Barnoor Kaur

Hey Dragons! My name is Barnoor Kaur (she/her). I am running for the General Member for Bethune College Council Elections. I am a first year biomed student. My hobbies include singing and sketching. I like to play badminton. I look forward to engaging more with the Bethune and York community. P.s. If you love music, you are my best friend <3

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-10 at 12.43.01 AM - Barnoor Kaur.jpeg

Commuter Representative(s) Candidates

IMG_5412 - Tina S.jpg

Tina Sayadpour and Asmayt Tewolde

Bonjour. One reason you should vote for us is because life is like a box of chocolates. One day this, and the next, gone. If you vote for us we'll personally make sure you never get rick rolled again













⠀⠀⠀ starting now. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 11.18.41 AM.png

Lassonde Representative Candidates

Mohammad Waliduddin

Hi I am Walid, a second-year software engineering student . I want to be actively involved in student development and representation, I advocate for initiatives that enhance our educational environment and student life. As most people in Bethune tend to be introverted, a correlation with the STEM and medical majors, I want to ensure every student feels represented and participates in the the amount of opportunities available on campus. I. This would not only be to achieve academic goals but to grow a safe and healthy learning environment.My aim is to integrate my technical and analytical skills to improve the student experience, promoting a campus culture that supports every student's success.

elections - waleed uddin.jpeg

Outreach Director(s) Candidates

IMG_7639 - Nudrat Saiyara.jpeg

Nudrat Saiyara

Hi, my name is Nudrat Saiyara and I’m a second year Biomedical Sciences student. I’m a social and fun-loving person who’s always delighted to meet new people. I love making new friends and helping others and I look forward to make York an engaging campus for as many students as possible.

Irtiqa Zafar

Hi y'all! I aim to paint Bethune vivacious this academic year!! With collaboration and diversity being my two cornerstones, I will commit to create a vibrant and exclusive community where every voice is heard. By embracing and honouring our differences, we can work together to achieve meaningful change and make a positive impact within our college and the broader community. Go Dragons!

IMG_1277 - irtiqa Zafar.jpg
PHOTO-2024-02-26-09-49-51 - Claire Del Zotto.jpg

Claire Del Zotto and Taline Apelian-Sutor

Hey Bethune! We’re Claire and Taline, and we would love to be your BCC Outreach Directors for 2024-2025! Claire is in her fourth year of Biology and Concurrent Education, and Taline is in her second year of Biology. With a wealth of experience on the Bethune College Council, involvement in Bethune SOS, active participation in the Science Student Caucus, and leadership within the President’s Ambassador Program, we are uniquely equipped to serve as your Bethune Outreach Directors. As passionate advocates for student engagement and community building, we are committed to supporting student clubs and connecting constituents with rewarding volunteer opportunities. Vote Claire and Taline!



Refer To Governing Documents:

President :

The President shall:

a. Be available on a daily basis during the summer semester to oversee the planning and implementation of Social Orientation b. Chair Council meetings if the Administrative Assistant is unavailable;

c. Be one of at least two (2) official BCC members with signing authority for BCC accounts and shall relinquish authority upon the end of term;

d. Be a member of the York Orientation Directors Association, College Presidents Association, shall be ex officio member on all other appropriate and official Bethune Community bodies, committees and commissions;

e. Liaise with the Bethune College Master's Office;

f. Designate access and keys of all council members to the Council Office with the assistance of the Master’s Office;

g. Ensure with the Vice-President Finance that the following criteria are met and reconciled with SC&LD such that Council can complete its annual audit, and receive funding (if able):

I. One (1) copy of the campus publication in which the audit must be published, and

II. One (1) copy of the minutes of the regular Council meeting in which the audit was passed by simple majority;

Executive Vice-President :

The Executive Vice-President shall:

a. Be one of at least two (2) official BCC members with signing authority for BCC accounts and shall relinquish authority upon their end of term;

b. Assist in the planning of training sessions for all Council members after their election, as well as a Council-wide retreat;

c. Oversee the internal compositions and operations of the BCC and shall be responsible in assisting the members in fulfilling their duties;

d. Oversee the operations, management and upkeep of JACS and the JCR. e. Be responsible for the maintenance and up keeping of the Mascot as well as scheduling appearances as appropriate;

f. Make office hours schedule;

g. Be responsible for planning in conjunction with the President regular BCC Town Hall meetings once per semester during the Academic Year to inform the Bethune Community of progress, upcoming events and initiative and to receive feedback from such;

h. Ensure with the Vice-President Finance that the following criteria are met and reconciled with SC&LD such that Council can complete its annual audit, and receive funding (if able): I. One (1) copy of the campus publication in which the audit must be published, and II. One (1) copy of the minutes of the regular Council meeting in which the audit was passed by simple majority;

Vice-President Athletic(s) :

The Vice-President Athletic(s) shall:

a. Ensure that such activities are widely advertised and promoted; and shall ensure that the BCC is informed of the results of all athletic competitions;

b. Act as a liaison between the Student Intramural and Recreation Council and the BCC and abide by its Constitution;

c. Ensure that regular reports on Bethune College sports activities are submitted to the Master and the Vice-President Communications for distribution to the Community;

d. Oversee the production and maintenance of the BAC budget with the BAC Director of Operations, presenting it to the finance committee, including breakdowns of incentive programs, equipment, sports events and other expenses;

e. After being elected, coordinate and manage the selection process of the new Bethune Athletics Committee Directors

General Members

The General Members shall:

a. Be a member of the Social, Communications, Sponsorship and Finance Committees;

b. Plan a social event;

c. Plan a council bonding event;

d. Put up posters while in an in person setting;

e. Plan seasonal decorations for Bethune spaces;

f. Scan all receipts and match them to adobe cheque stubs;

g. Make callouts for Orientation week

Commuter Representative(s)

The Commuter Representative(s) shall:

a. Be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of JACs/JCR and study rooms;

b. Be a liaison between the BCC and the Commuter students of Bethune college;

c. Maintain at least three (3) separate regular hours in Bethune JCR (115), if circumstances permit;

d. Ensure JCR/JACs are open on weekdays and are clean, if circumstances permit; The Commuter Reps are also responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of any events that are to be held in JCR/JACs.

e. Be responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of any events that are to be held in JACs/JCR. e. Not be living in any residence at York University for the elected academic session.

Lassonde Representative

The Lassonde Representative shall:

a. Liaison between the Lassonde and Bethune communities to adequately represent the needs of Lassonde students

Outreach Director(s)

The Outreach Director shall:

a. In charge of creating philanthropic opportunities

b. Coordinate with different committees to increase participation within the college

c. Create volunteer opportunities for members of community

Who can Apply?

For Details on who can apply, check our Governing Docs Below

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