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Election Results

2023-2024 First Year Representatives
Mehwish Saiyed (she/her)
Lloyd Musa (he/him)

Eligible Voters: 2835
Voted: 115

Mehwish Saiyed - 28.8 (-20% deduction, 36 without deduction)
Lloyd Musa - 24.8 (-20% deduction, 31 without deduction)
Sathya Venkatesan - 23
Rohit Tiwari - 20.58 (-2% deduction, 21 without deduction)
Aseel Mohammed - 19
Matthew Chan - 17
Asmayt Tewolde - 15
Harleen Dulay - 9
Martina DiClemente - 7
Mohveer Singh Bachu - 4
Lianson Wilson - 3
Abstain - 2
Reject All - 3


Candidates List

Matthew Chan (He/Him)

Hi, I'm Matt, I'm a first year BioMed student and I need YOUR support to be first year rep. As a first year rep I'll be organizing events in conjunction with the VP social to create and plan events for Bethune students. Vote for me to be the voice of all you first years, and for fun exiting events. In short, things are going to get LIT 🎉🎉🎉.

Martina DiClemente (She/Her)

Hi, I’m Martina. I’m a first year biomed student. I would love to be a first year Bethune College rep because I know how hard it is to make friends at a new school and want to make the change as easy as possible for the first years. I absolutely loved my frosh and look forward to making orientation week just as special and fun as mine was for all the new froshies.

Harleen Dulay (She/Her)

Hi everyone! My name is Harleen and I am one of the candidates for first year representative on the BCC! I have always loved being involved in extracurriculars, especially where there is teamwork in order to create something magical for everyone! My program is biomedical science, but in my free time you can catch me listening to music, baking, playing basketball, or going to events York hosts that catch my eye! A fun fact about me is I took a gap year and I was a flight attendant at Air Canada Rouge for the year! If you have any specific questions for me, I would be more than happy to answer them through Instagram (@harleeendulay) or email ( :)

IMG_0002 - Harleen Dulay_edited.jpg

Aseel Mohammed (She/Her)

Hey y'all! My name's Aseel and I'm a first year computer science student. Other than being a full time drama queen, I love swimming, listening to afrobeats and playing card games. I would love to become a first year representative to get all first year students involved and accustomed to the new exciting Bethune community.

Lloyd Musa (He/Him)

Becoming a first-year representative at our university means a lot to me, as it's a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on our campus community while shaping my own college experience. As a first-year rep, I'll serve as a bridge between my fellow new students and the university administration, advocating for their needs, concerns, and ideas. This role not only allows me to gain valuable leadership and organizational skills but also fosters personal growth and development. I'll have the chance to contribute to the enhancement of student life, organize events, and promote a sense of belonging among my peers. Being a first-year rep is not only a great way to make new friends and network but also to leave a positive legacy at our university for future generations of students. It's a role that empowers me to be the change I wish to see, all while building a strong foundation for my own academic and personal journey. Thank you.

Mehwish Saiyed (She/Her)

Hi Everyone, my name is Mehwish, I’m a first year student at Lassonde School of Engineering from Vancouver. I’d like to see a campus that represents us, and by us I mean THE STUDENTS! I would love to have the honour of being elected as a first year Representative at YORKU. I was a President of the Model UN at my highschool, for 2 years. This role has taught me the essential skill of open communication, interpersonal skills and stepping up to the mark of leadership. As well as this, it has taught me to fight for what I believe in as well as the power of being a collective. I strongly believe my extensive experience through volunteering and athletics truly shaped who I am today and will continue to help with my success. Investing my efforts into volunteer work helped me to learn and unite people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a collective goal. It has broadened my perspective towards the world and expanded my social flexibility. If selected, I will empower students who feel voiceless, and use student representation to express student feelings and opinions. So far, I have loved the experience and lifestyle here. I want to take part to create more new exciting events throughout the year, to gather everyone together and see students getting involved and enjoying themselves:) I will continue to dedicate efforts into improving your time at university, because this college council is about every single one of YOU. I am looking forward to meeting people with different cultural values and putting my best foot forward towards incorporating all of them in this diverse community of future undergrads. If you’ve ever come up to me and voiced your concerns, you know that I am approachable, ready to listen, and genuinely prepared to help. I am passionate about making these years here as enriching as possible for you. Vote ONE for Mehwish – a voice representing YOU. 

Mohveer Singh Bachu (He/Him)

Hello there, My name is Mohveer Singh Bachu. I am a first year here at York University studying Applied Mathematics and would love to be part of the Bethune College Council. During my time in high school I had the chance to be part of various different clubs and programs which allowed me to develop key skills necessary in distinct situations and environments. These include compelling communication, resilience, team building skills as well as effective leadership. I am hardworking, enthusiastic and optimistic individual who would like to incorporate new and fresh ideas towards bettering the council. 

Asmayt Tewolde (She/Her)

Hi everyone! My name is Asmayt Tewolde. I am a first year biomedical science student. I am running for first year rep because I want to be part of our school community, represent first years and make sure you guys feel welcomed and involved. As a first-year representative, I'll make sure that your opinions and issues are taken into consideration. If you choose to make me your first-year representative, I promise to do my best to address all of your needs and make sure your opinions are heard. 

Rohit Tiwari (He/Him)

Hey, I am Rohit,I am majoring in Biology. I am very passionate, social, talkative and always full of energy but bet you already knew that (duh). So please vote for me <3

Sathya Venkatesan (He/Him)

I am Sathya and I am a Biology major and I’m running for First Year Representative because I can prove to represent the voice and views of every first year student at Bethune College. Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud and I will be doing that for you.Remember, “With great power comes great responsibility”, so make your vote worth it and choose the right person.

Lianson Wilson (He/Him)

Hey everyone! I’m Lianson, a first year Physics and Astronomy major. I’m running for the First Year Representative position. You’re probably wondering, why should I listen to this person? Well, I believe I have a lot to offer. In high school, I was the Math Club President and a Science Peer Tutor. Currently, I am a class representative for Math 1025, Section G. My goal is to help make this year fun and exciting, especially for first year students. As someone who loves books, movies, and puzzles, I believe I can bring a lot of creativity and fun to the Bethune College Council. I hope to get to know you all more!

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