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All About Bethune Athletics!

Get Involved!

​The Bethune Athletic Committee ("BAC") exists to promote and implement intramural sports at Bethune College. Intramurals is Structured leagues and tournaments in a diverse array of sport activities from soccer and basketball to ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. Bethune athletic committee is designed to provide an opportunity for every student with Bethune College and Lassonde to participate in organized recreational competition. Bethune students are very involved in intramural sports, at Tier 1 (competitive),Tier 2 (semi-competitive) and Tier 3 (recreational) levels. In fact, they are so involved that we were runners up for the Torch last year (York’s highest award for intramural sports) again in 2017-2018! Whether you've never played a sport and are terrible at it or are extremely good at it, intramurals is for you. Come join the Bethune Dragons!

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How Do I Register For A Team?

All team registrations are done online. Sign in with your passport york account on and follow the respective instructions below.

Step 1: Sign in with your Passport York account here

I've never played Intramurals before

Step 2: Scroll down and select Membership

Step 3: Select "A&R - Recreation Membership - Student"

Step 4: Select "Academic Year" and then "Add to Cart"

Step 5: Select "Checkout"

Step 6: Return to the memberships page (See Step 2 if you're not sure where that is) Select "IM Pass - Student Registration" and repeat steps 4 & 5

I've have played Intramurals but want to know how to join a team

Step 2: After you've logged in from Step 1, Select Fusion IM ---> Find a Team

Step 3: Classify based on "Season" and "Sports"

Step 4: Once you find your team, select "Request To Join Team" & input emergency contact info

Step 5: Congratulations, now all you need to do is wait for the captain to accept you to the team.

Join Us!

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