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The Junior Common Room ("JCR") is located in the basement of Norman Bethune College and connects with the Bethune College Council offices. With ample couches and chairs for seating and tables, you can come here with your friends to eat lunch, go over homework together, or just catch a few winks of sleep between classes. The JCR features a pool table, a table tennis table, and a foosball table for those seeking for decompressing between classes. Along with the JACS lounge, the JCR also has a projector screen that can be hooked up to anyone laptop to play movies, watch TV or even to put up PowerPoints to review with your friends. During the school year, JCR usually offer movie nights and sports nights, pool and foosball tournaments, karaoke and much more in addition to its regular services. There is also an audio jack that you can use to play music, just be sure not to play it too loud! Whatever reason you want to come the JCR is a place for anyone to come and just be yourself.


The JACS Lounge is located in the basement of Norman Bethune College, across from the elevators. This is a place where students are able to come in between classes and get some school work done. The room also backs out to the Bethune Patio where you can sit outside either on the benches by the gardens or at a picnic table and eat, study or relax. During the school year, JACS is usually for students who wish to have a quiet space to study, not too far away from Bethune. Whether you want to watch TV shows/movies (not too loud, with headphones on) or catch up on lecture recordings, the JACS Lounge is a great place to be productive and studious.



  • Piano Room

  • 3 Group Study Rooms (BC 105 B, BC 105 C, BC 207)

  • Bethune Patio

Rental Services

Bethune College Council is proud to present rental of popular equipment. We are happy to provide Lab coats and goggles, as well as popcorn machines and cotton candy machines for rent to whatever students may require it. We hope that students enjoy our rental program as we anticipate to greatly expand over the coming years.

Laboratory Equipment

As affiliated with the science and engineering faculty at York University, the Bethune College Council recognizes the importance of laboratory equipment for its constituents. With the financial strain that these may have on certain individuals, the council has decided to provide rentals to laboratory coats and goggles for all students that require it.

Simply head over to the Bethune College Council office (BC 122) where you may rent the goggles and coats in varying sizes (from XS-XL). Be sure to bring your student card as well as the council will keep hold of it during the laboratory time to ensure proper liability on both ends. Laboratory equipment also needs to be picked up no more within an hour from the laboratory scheduled start time and dropped off within an hour after the laboratory scheduled end time. Only 1 rental will be provided per student per week to be able to provide this opportunity for everyone!

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